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Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down traffic Monday morning in cities across the country, part of a global effort to disrupt economies and pressure world leaders to push for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

In California, protesters chained themselves to barrels and blocked northbound lanes. I-880 in Oakland, while another group of protesters carrying signs disrupted southbound traffic. On the Golden Gate Bridge, protesters blocked traffic in both directions and some carried a banner that read “Stop the world for Gaza.”

The interruptions did not only affect drivers. In Chicago, protesters on I-190 blocked traffic arriving at O’Hare International Airport and passengers who had already arrived began walking with their luggage to catch their flights. The airport announced on social media platform X that there were substantial delays and encouraged passengers to use alternative transportation. By midmorningtraffic re-entered O’Hare, according to the airport.

In San Antonio, protesters carrying Palestinian flags blocked both sides of the Headquarters of the energy company Valero, blocking traffic on the northwest side of the city. In New York City the Monday afternoonHundreds of protesters blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Police arrested some protesters..

And in Philadelphia, pro palestinian protesters organized a seminar that blocked rush hour traffic. Others led a funeral-like car procession down Interstate 95, and a third group gathered outside City Hall, calling on local leaders to stop sending millions of dollars to Israel. They also headed to the headquarters of Day & Zimmermann, which is a weapons manufacturer that organizers say supplies weapons to Israel, the Philadelphia Inquirer. reported.

The protests were part of Action A15, a solidarity agreement to “identify and block the main choke points” that would cause the greatest economic impact. according to their website.

In Middletown, Connecticut, for example, pro-Palestinian protesters blocked employees from entering and exiting a Pratt & Whitney factory that exports military aircraft engines. Police arrested several protesters, The Hartford Courant reported.

Monday’s move deliberately coincided with Tax Day in the United States. Protesters and activists across the country said they were calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and for the United States to stop providing military aid to the Israeli government.

Protesters also gathered in major cities around the world, including Athens; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Sydney, Australia; and Barcelona, ​​Spain. Calls for a ceasefire were echoed by all.

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