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The World Health Organization said on Sunday it had documented more than 100 attacks on the health care system in Gaza, while the Israeli military said Hamas fighters were using two additional hospitals in the enclave to conceal their operations.

Fourteen hospitals in the enclave, including 10 in the densely populated area of ​​Gaza City, are no longer functioning, according to the WHO arm that operates in the Palestinian territories. The WHO called for “active protection of civilians and medical care” in a post on Xformerly known as Twitter.

Israeli officials continued to insist Sunday that Hamas was using health centers in the area as human shields. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the Israeli military’s chief spokesman, said Hamas was “cynically” and “systematically” exploiting medical facilities.

Just over a week after Israeli officials said they had identified Al Shifa, Gaza’s largest and most advanced hospital, as being used by Hamas as an underground command and control center, Admiral Hagari presented what he said was evidence that the armed group was using two others (Sheikh Hamad, north of Gaza City, and Indonesia, in northern Gaza), essentially as cover.

Admiral Hagari presented images and videos What he said was the opening of a Hamas tunnel under Sheikh Hamad Hospital and gunmen opening fire on Israeli ground forces from inside the hospital. He also said there was an underground Hamas command and control center beneath the Indonesian Hospital and showed aerial images of what he said were rocket launch pads about 80 meters from his grounds. Hamas placed them there, he said, knowing that any airstrikes against the launch pads would damage the hospital.

The images could not be independently verified. Admiral Hagari said Israel had shared them with “other agencies.”

In making the above accusations about Al Shifa, Admiral Hagari had presented a illustrated map of that hospital and, citing undisclosed intelligence sources, described areas of the complex and underground facilities that he said were used as command centers by Hamas. Hamas officials denied the allegation at the time and said Israel had not provided any evidence.

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Israeli and Palestinian claims and counterclaims over hospitals have become a flashpoint in the war, not least because many of the facilities have been converted into shelters for displaced Gazans who believe they are safer than alternatives.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society, an independent aid group, said on Sunday that Israel was continuing to shell the area around Al Quds Hospital in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in southern Gaza City. Israel has not publicly identified that hospital, run by the Red Crescent group, as hosting Hamas military infrastructure.

The Red Crescent group said Israeli forces had intensified their attacks in the vicinity of the hospital, where it said artillery and aerial bombardment “from all directions” over the past week had injured 47 displaced people taking shelter in the hospital, as well as two patients in its Intensive Care unit.

An attack occurred Saturday near the entrance to the hospital’s emergency room, according to the group. A surgeon there, Dr. Nabil al-Shawa, said 21 people had been injured.

Some 14,000 displaced people have taken shelter in the hospital in recent days and another 500 are receiving treatment there, the aid society said, adding that the bombing caused significant damage to the hospital’s intensive care unit and water supply pipes. .

The World Health Organization said in a statement on Saturday that an attack was reported near the Indonesian hospital, but did not provide any details.

The WHO statement condemned the attacks near Al Quds Hospital and an Israeli airstrike on Friday that hit near the entrance to Al Shifa Hospital and, according to Gaza and Israeli officials, killed several people. The Palestinian Red Crescent said the attack occurred as an ambulance convoy attempting to transport wounded people to the Gaza border was returning to the hospital. The convoy, the group said, had turned back after reaching a crater on its road south.

The Israeli military said it had carried out the attack on an ambulance used by Hamas, killing several officers.

“We attacked based on intelligence information,” Admiral Hagari said Sunday. “We don’t want to attack hospitals and ambulances,” he said. He added: “We are fighting to defeat Hamas, free our hostages and liberate Gaza from Hamas.”

Hiba Yazbek contributed with reports.

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