Hamas releases video of hostage Noa Marciano, saying she was killed in Gaza bombings | ET REALITY


Hamas on Monday released a video of a 19-year-old Israeli soldier who was captured in the October 7 attacks on Israel that included clips of her speaking at the beginning of the conflict and then images of her lifeless body. Hamas said he had been killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza on Thursday.

The Israeli military issued a statement that appeared to confirm the authenticity of the video, which it condemned as “psychological terrorism.”

The soldier, Noa Marciano, served in an intelligence unit and was stationed at a guard post at Kibbutz Nahal Oz when Hamas attacked.

“Our hearts go out to the Marciano family,” Israeli military officials said in a statement, noting that a military representative had visited the family and informed them of the video’s release. Military officials pledged to support the Marcianos and the families of other hostages, and promised that they were “using all means, both intelligence and operational, to bring the hostages home.”

The video shows Ms. Marciano speaking in front of a camera and providing identifying information about herself and her family. She says she is detained in Gaza and has been there for about four days with other hostages, and pleads with the Israeli army to stop attacking the area, saying the explosions are close, continuous and could harm the hostages. The video concludes with still images of Ms. Marciano’s lifeless body stained with blood and lying on a white sheet.

In the weeks since the war began, a handful of images and videos of hostages have emerged. Last week, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another extremist group in Gaza, released videos of two hostages (Hanna Katzir, 77, and Yagil Yaakov, 13), asking Israeli officials to stop bombing Gaza. The Times has not verified the videos.

On Monday, Iraqi television and social media published a video purporting to be of a Russian-Israeli academic, Elizabeth Tsurkov, who was kidnapped in Iraq in March. In the video, which The Times has not verified, she speaks in Hebrew and urges the families of the Oct. 7 hostages to do everything they can to stop the war in Gaza. It would, if verified, be the first image of Ms. Tsurkov since her capture.

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