Gaza hospitals on the brink of collapse as fighting intensifies nearby | ET REALITY


Gaza’s Health Ministry said at least five injured patients died in the hospital on Saturday, including a premature baby in an incubator, as a result of the power outage. Without fuel to run the generators, the hospital was plunged into darkness, the Health Ministry and the hospital administrator said.

“The surgeries had to stop,” said hospital director Dr. Mohammed Abu Salmiya. “Kidney dialysis has been stopped and the neonatal unit is in a very serious situation. “A baby has died from lack of oxygen, electricity and heat.”

Israeli tanks and troops surrounded several hospitals in the territory and attacked them, with snipers occasionally firing, according to the Health Ministry, doctors and some witnesses sheltered inside. The Israeli army released a statement on Saturday denying any siege or firing on Al-Shifa, but confirming clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas in the area.

The Israeli military has accused Hamas of operating an underground command center beneath Al-Shifa, using it as a shield. The hospital administration and Hamas have denied this. Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, an Israeli military spokesman, told reporters Friday night that the Israeli military “does not shoot at hospitals,” but added: “If we see Hamas terrorists shooting from hospitals, we will do whatever is necessary.” . .”

In four hospitals adjacent to each other in northern Gaza – Rantisi Children’s Hospital, Al-Nasr Hospital and two other medical centers specializing in optometry and psychiatry – Palestinians have managed to evacuate, said Yousef Abu al-Rish, head of the Ministry of Health in Gaza. Gaza, he said Saturday. Doctors had resisted evacuating for days as Israeli forces advanced.

“The patients were forced out onto the streets, those that were left, and they dispersed,” said Steve Sosebee of the Palestine Children’s Aid Fund, which helps operate an oncology ward at the children’s hospital. “There was no coordinated effort to move them south. “Everyone had to fend for themselves.”

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an Israeli military spokesman, said at a news conference Saturday that Israeli forces had been calling for weeks for the evacuation of hospitals in northern Gaza. Those warnings were repeated at the children’s hospital last week, according to an Israeli military officer who helped supervise the operation and who spoke on condition of anonymity in accordance with military protocol.

After three days, Israel decided to change course, the military official said. Troops advanced toward the hospital and surrounded it, while opening a safe corridor for people to leave, he said.

The grim conditions in Gaza City are partly a result of the Israeli siege that has cut off water, food, electricity and fuel for weeks. Israel imposed the siege days after Hamas attacked Israel, killing about 1,200 people and taking hundreds of hostages, according to Israeli authorities.

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