Faced with fuel shortages, the UN aid group in desperate Gaza could reduce its activities | ET REALITY


António Guterres, secretary general of the United Nations, addressed the controversy surrounding his comments the previous day that Hamas’s attack on Israel “did not occur in a vacuum.”

“I am shocked by the misinterpretations of some of my statements yesterday in the Security Council, as if I were justifying acts of terrorism by Hamas,” Guterres told reporters outside the council chamber. “This is false. “It was the complete opposite.”

But Hamas won a vote of support from Türkiye’s leader on Wednesday. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Hamas was “not a terrorist organization” but a group fighting “to protect its land and its citizens.” Erdogan said he does not “excuse any acts directed against civilians, including Israeli civilians,” but condemned what he called Israeli brutality against Palestinians.

In Washington, President Biden offered another statement of support for Israel during a White House press conference, saying that “Israel has the right and I would add the responsibility to respond to the slaughter of its people.”

But the president said Hamas did not represent all Palestinians and that “Israel has to do everything in its power, no matter how difficult, to protect innocent civilians.”

The United States has promised full support to Israel in its fight against Hamas, although it has encouraged Israelis to postpone a ground invasion, citing hostage safety, the need to deliver aid to Gaza and concerns that Israel does not have a strategy clear military.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu said the Israeli military was still preparing for a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. “I’m not going to explain when, how or how much,” he said. “Nor will I detail all the considerations we are taking into account, most of them totally unknown to the public.”

In a prime-time speech to Israelis, Netanyahu indicated that he was already thinking about the political battles ahead. He admitted that he would have to provide answers about how Israel was caught off guard by the surprising Hamas attack, but stopped short of explicitly taking responsibility.

“This disaster will be thoroughly investigated,” he said. “Everyone will have to give answers, including myself. But all this will only happen after the war.”

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