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U.S. intelligence officials said Tuesday that agencies had assessed that video shows a Palestinian rocket launched from Gaza suffering a “catastrophic engine failure” before part of the rocket crashed into hospital grounds. A senior intelligence official said authorities could not rule out new information coming to light that would change their assessment, but said they were very confident in their conclusions.

When asked about the Times’ findings, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said the Times and U.S. intelligence agencies had different interpretations of the video.

Discerning what happened is especially complicated because Israel and Hamas have been shooting at each other since the war began.

Israel has fired more than 8,000 munitions into Gaza in what has become a brutal assault, and had even attacked the Al-Ahli Arab hospital with an illumination artillery shell three days earlier, according to video evidence and the official website of the hospital’s Facebook.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have continued to attack Israel with deadly rockets from hidden launch sites inside Gaza. Palestinian rockets have failed in the past and an estimate says 15 percent of rockets launched by Gaza militant groups miss.

An hour after the explosion at the hospital, an information war began. Hamas immediately blamed an Israeli airstrike, while the Israel Defense Forces soon denied any responsibility and blamed a malfunctioning Palestinian rocket.

Israeli officials released a report about the Oct. 18 explosion and also made public a conversation they said was intercepted between Hamas fighters who blamed Islamic Jihad for the explosion. Israel has also cited various other evidence that has not been made public, including logs of military activity, information obtained from radar systems, other audio interceptions and other videos.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials have pointed to the Al-Jazeera video in media interviews and on social media.

The Al Jazeera video was shared three times by the Israel Defense Forces on X, formerly known as Twitter. In the posts, the Israeli military identified the moving aerial object as a “rocket aimed at Israel” that “failed and exploded” around the same time as the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital explosion. Israeli army spokesmen also explicitly identified this munition as the failed rocket that caused the explosion in interviews with CNN and BBC on October 18 and in an interview with india today on October 19.

Numerous media outlets have shown the video and several have cited it as evidence that a Palestinian rocket hit the hospital.

But The Times concluded that the missile in the video was never near the hospital. It was launched from Israel, not Gaza, and appears to have exploded over the Israel-Gaza border, at least two miles from the hospital.

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