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It’s surprising that all of this goes on, except that Coppola’s sensibility is so specific, and his actors are so eager to please it, that each scene clearly feels of a piece. At its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in early September, the film received strong reviews and secured Spaeny the Volpi Cup for best actress, while an emotional Priscilla Presley told Coppola: “You did your homework.”

“I still can’t believe our movie turned out well,” Coppola said now. And although putting it together was difficult, he remembered that while he was on set, he was in the element of it like never before.

“At first, I was just figuring it out,” he admitted, speaking about his career. “And now, making this movie ‘Priscilla,’ I felt, ‘Oh, I know how to do this.’ All the years of experience begin to consolidate.”

LATER AT LUNCH, We were interrupted by a 25-year-old woman who was waiting for Coppola to sign her book. She was wearing the kind of ruffled dress that Marie Antoinette would have gone crazy for, with a constellation of tattoos on her arms emerging from beneath her lace sleeves.

“My name is Sofia,” the fan said shyly. “I bear your name.”

With a trembling voice, the young woman explained that when her parents emigrated from Panama, Coppola’s films were among the first they saw. She thus obtained her name and accumulated, over time, the desire to follow her idol in the cinema. “You have no idea the impact you have had on my life,” the second Sofia said, a tear running down her cheek.

Coppola, who said he lived and worked in a “little bubble,” is always surprised when he meets people who connect this strongly to their work. “A lot of those movies weren’t seen, and now they’re so seen by a younger generation that it’s great that they’re talking to them,” he told me.

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