Israel weighs response to Iran attack, and each option poses a risk | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Israeli leaders were debating Tuesday how best to respond to Iran’s unprecedented weekend airstrike, officials said, weighing a set of options calibrated to achieve different strategic outcomes: deterring a similar attack in the future, defusing its American allies and avoid an all-out war. Iran’s attack on Israel, an immense bombardment that included hundreds of … Read more

Denmark closes sea route due to risk of accidental missile launch | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Denmark halted traffic on a busy shipping route and closed airspace over it on Thursday, warning of a possible accidental missile launch and falling debris. During a test of a Harpoon anti-ship missile, its booster (the rocket motor that launches the missile) was “activated” but not ignited, and then failed to deactivate, the Danish … Read more

Louisiana governor says athletes should ‘risk their athletic scholarships’ if they skip national anthem after LSU-Iowa | ET REALITY

[ad_1] The 2023 championship rematch between Iowa and LSU in this year’s Elite Eight was a brilliant production that garnered praise from celebrities, athletes and fans alike, while breaking the record for the most-watched women’s college basketball game in history. But Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry was unimpressed even before a basketball bounced Monday after LSU … Read more

New data details sea level rise risk for US coastal cities | ET REALITY

[ad_1] A new study on sea level rise that used detailed data on land elevation changes found that current scientific models may not accurately capture vulnerabilities in 32 U.S. coastal cities. The analysispublished Wednesday in Nature, uses satellite images to detect sinking and rising land to help paint a more accurate picture of flood exposure … Read more

Climate change is increasing the already high risk of wildfires in Texas | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Climate change is increasing the risk of wildfires in Texas, a danger that became a reality this week as the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest in state history, burns out of control across the Panhandle region. And that rising fire risk is starting to affect the insurance market in Texas, raising premiums for homeowners … Read more

RSV Vaccines May Slightly Increase Risk of Rare Neurological Condition | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Respiratory syncytial virus vaccines may have caused some cases of Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, a rare neurological condition, federal health officials said Thursday. The numbers were small, on the order of two cases per 100,000 vaccinated people or fewer, and much more data is needed to pinpoint the risk, officials said. In May 2023, the Food … Read more

Frequent marijuana use may increase heart attack risk, study suggests | ET REALITY

[ad_1] People who smoke marijuana frequently have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, according to a study published Wednesday. He articlepublished in The Journal of the American Heart Association, is an analysis of responses to the US government’s annual survey on behavioral risk from 2016 to 2020. Respondents answered health questions, including reporting … Read more

What should lenders consider in 2024 regarding collateral risk? | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Gareth Borcherds, CEO of Ascent Software Group The GSEs are taking a closer look at how they assess collateral risk. Modernizing appraisals is vital. Gareth Borcherds, CEO Promotion Software Group outlines the three categories to consider, how modernizing assessment can help scale new initiatives, and more in this executive conversation. HousingWire: What should lenders … Read more

Latino organizers say Republicans took a risk by ignoring Nevada | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Four years ago, East Las Vegas, Nevada, was a hub for presidential candidates engaging in intense retail politicking. This year was the complete opposite. In 2020, Democrats arrived in the state months before their first presidential caucus in the West: Joe Biden, then former vice president, took selfies at a well-known taco place; Senator … Read more

FDA issues warning about cancer risk linked to CAR-T therapies | ET REALITY

[ad_1] The Food and Drug Administration requires companies that make specialized cancer therapies known as CAR-T to add a boxed warning that the treatments themselves can cause cancer. The agency noted that the benefits still outweigh the risks of the therapy, which involves removing one type of white blood cells (T cells) and then genetically … Read more