Protesters block roads across US to support Gazans | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down traffic Monday morning in cities across the country, part of a global effort to disrupt economies and pressure world leaders to push for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. In California, protesters chained themselves to barrels and blocked northbound lanes. I-880 in Oakland, while another group of protesters carrying signs … Read more

Cotton urges citizens to confront pro-Palestinian protesters by force | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., on Monday urged people whose routes were blocked by pro-Palestinian protesters to “take matters into their own hands” and confront violators, endorsing the use of physical force against peaceful protesters. In a series of social media posts After protesters shut down traffic in cities across the country, including major highways … Read more

Protesters in Niger call for US military departure | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Thousands of protesters gathered in Niger’s capital on Saturday called for the withdrawal of U.S. military personnel stationed in the West African nation, just days after Russia delivered its own military equipment and instructors to the country’s military. The demonstration in the capital, Niamey, fits a well-known pattern in some countries in the region, … Read more

How Gaza protesters are making life harder for Democratic leaders | ET REALITY

[ad_1] In Detroit, a congressman’s Christmas party descended into chaos and a broken nose after demonstrators protesting the war in Gaza showed up with megaphones. In Fort Collins, Colorado, the mayor abruptly ended a meeting during which protesters demanded a ceasefire in Gaza they glued their hands to a wall. And in places as disparate … Read more

RFK Jr. asks to investigate possible irregularities against the January 6 protesters | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the vaccine skeptic who is running for president as an independent candidate, vowed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Justice Department’s effort to prosecute those who rioted at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. of 2021, if elected. , again downplaying the severity of the attack on the … Read more

Outside Israel’s Parliament, protesters explain why they think Netanyahu should go | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Hundreds of small silver tents were clustered on the sidewalk in front of Israel’s Parliament in Jerusalem on Monday, spanning at least a city block. Many had Israeli flags taped to their roofs, along with stickers with slogans. “There is no greater mitzvah than the redemption of captives,” one reads. Another gets more to … Read more

Protesters call for Netanyahu to leave office | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Thousands of Israelis filled the streets in front of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, in Jerusalem on Sunday to call for early elections, in one of the most significant demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas. Sunday’s protest in Jerusalem began just a day … Read more

Security forces clash with pro-Palestinian protesters in Jordan, video shows | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Security forces clashed with large crowds of pro-Palestinian protesters near the Israeli embassy in the Jordanian capital on Tuesday night, video recorded by The Associated Press and Reuters showed. It was the third day in a row that demonstrations in support of Palestinians under Israeli bombardment in Gaza took place near the embassy in … Read more

Biden, Heckled by Gaza Protesters, Says ‘They’re Right’ | ET REALITY

[ad_1] President Biden, after being interrupted at an event in North Carolina on Tuesday by protesters angry over his approach to the war in Gaza, told the audience that the protesters “are right,” adding: “We need to pay a lot more attention to Loop”. Mr. Biden’s comment, which caused cheers and applause of the crowd … Read more

Gaza Ceasefire Protesters Disrupt Schiff’s Victory Speech | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Rep. Adam Schiff got everything he wanted on Super Tuesday: not only a first-place finish in the primary for a California Senate seat, but also his preferred opponent in the general election in second place. But the celebration was not so calm. When Schiff, a Democrat, took the stage in Los Angeles to claim … Read more