The House presents articles of impeachment against Mayorkas and calls for a trial | ET REALITY

[ad_1] After two months of delay, House Republicans on Tuesday delivered to the Senate the articles of impeachment against Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, while demanding a full trial of the first acting Cabinet secretary to be indicted. by Congress. Constitutional scholars They have described the case against Mayorkas as unfounded, and … Read more

Biden attacks Trump in Pennsylvania as he presents his tax plan | ET REALITY

[ad_1] President Biden launched a series of attacks on former President Donald J. Trump during a Tuesday speech in Pennsylvania on taxes and economic policy, portraying his Republican rival as a puppet of plutocrats who had ignored the working class. Visiting his hometown of Scranton, in a key state he has visited more frequently than … Read more

At the last rally before the trial in New York, Trump once again presents himself as a political victim | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Two days before his first criminal trial was to begin in Manhattan, former President Donald J. Trump on Saturday recast the charges he faces as a broad attempt by Democrats to remove him from the White House, and criticized a gag order imposed on him. the judge in the New York case. “Two days … Read more

‘Pretty big bunny, huh?’: Biden presents Easter egg roll at White House | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Rabbit ears. Waterproof for rain. Sixty-four thousand hard-boiled eggs. Under a rainy sky, President Biden hosted the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, a tradition so wholesome and old-fashioned that it often simply transcends Washington politics. “Easter reminds us of the power of hope and renewal, sacrifice and resurrection, but most of all, … Read more

As Putin presents his vision, voters look away from the war | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Vladimir V. Putin’s vision of Russia – successful, innovative and borderless – is on display in one of Moscow’s biggest tourist attractions, a Stalin-era exhibition center that currently houses an elegant showcase called Russia 2024. The exhibition promotes what the Kremlin describes as Russia’s Russia. his achievements over the past two decades, roughly the … Read more

Biden presents the next phase of the economic agenda as a lifeline for the middle class | ET REALITY

[ad_1] President Biden used his State of the Union address on Thursday to remind Americans of his efforts to lift the country’s economy out of a pandemic recession and lay the groundwork for a second term focused on making the economy more equitable by increasing taxes corporations and the wealthy while taking steps to reduce … Read more

London presents new names for its land transport lines | ET REALITY

[ad_1] London’s public transport system will soon be a little easier to navigate. Train lines on London’s Overground, a rail system that largely serves people in neighborhoods outside central London outside the reach of the city’s Tube system, will be renamed. The lines on the map will also receive new colors, replacing a system that … Read more

For Biden, another Trump nomination presents an opportunity and a big risk | ET REALITY

[ad_1] To be clear, no one in President Biden’s White House would ever support Donald J. Trump. A person is considered an existential threat to the nation. But as they watched Trump open the race for the Republican presidential nomination with a win in Iowa, they also saw something else: a path to a second … Read more

Houthi militia in Yemen presents a special challenge to the United States | ET REALITY

[ad_1] When Iranian-backed militias repeatedly attacked U.S. troops in Syria and Iraq this fall, the Biden administration struck back with force. Measures were needed, officials said, to deter groups from turning Israel’s conflict with Hamas into a broader war. But the United States has yet to retaliate against an Iranian-backed group: Yemen’s Houthis. In the … Read more

Johnson presents bill to avoid government shutdown facing uncertain fate | ET REALITY

[ad_1] On Saturday, Speaker Mike Johnson presented House Republicans with a complicated plan to avoid a government shutdown late next week, proposing a bill that would temporarily extend funding for some federal agencies through the end of January. and for others until early February. The measure faces an uncertain fate in Congress. Many conservative House … Read more