Israel weighs response to Iran attack, and each option poses a risk | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Israeli leaders were debating Tuesday how best to respond to Iran’s unprecedented weekend airstrike, officials said, weighing a set of options calibrated to achieve different strategic outcomes: deterring a similar attack in the future, defusing its American allies and avoid an all-out war. Iran’s attack on Israel, an immense bombardment that included hundreds of … Read more

The Kennedy family, without RFK Jr., poses with Biden at the White House | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Under normal circumstances, a visit by the Kennedy family to the White House on St. Patrick’s Day (a historic political family with Irish roots, hosted by a president of Irish descent) might not be particularly noteworthy. But this year, the meeting had a backdrop of family drama and political repudiation. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. … Read more

Sexual abuse investigation poses leadership test for World Bank’s Ajay Banga | ET REALITY

[ad_1] At the World Bank’s annual meetings last year in Morocco, the organization’s new president, Ajay Banga, outlined a broad vision of how he wanted to rid the world of poverty while keeping the planet habitable. Four months later, Banga, who took over the top job last June, faces his first major management test and … Read more

Russia’s anti-satellite technology poses no immediate threat, White House says | ET REALITY

[ad_1] A White House spokesman said Thursday that anti-satellite technology being developed by Russia had not been deployed and did not pose “any immediate threat to anyone’s security.” “We are not talking about a weapon that can be used to attack human beings or cause physical destruction here on Earth,” spokesman John F. Kirby told … Read more

Thursday briefing: Iran poses military threats | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Iranian attacks inflame regional tensions A day after Iran launched missile attacks on neighboring Pakistan, Iran’s defense minister pledged yesterday that his country “will not set any limits” on using its capabilities against enemies when necessary. The attacks have raised tensions in a region where the conflict has now affected at least five nations. … Read more

Defense bill deal angers far right and poses threat to Johnson | ET REALITY

[ad_1] The annual defense bill has become embroiled in a tumultuous Republican dispute in the House, as far-right lawmakers rebel over a bipartisan agreement to scrap a series of deeply partisan dictates that would have limited access to abortion, health care, transgender people and diversity training. The dispute over the $886 billion military policy bill, … Read more