Israel weighs response to Iran attack, and each option poses a risk | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Israeli leaders were debating Tuesday how best to respond to Iran’s unprecedented weekend airstrike, officials said, weighing a set of options calibrated to achieve different strategic outcomes: deterring a similar attack in the future, defusing its American allies and avoid an all-out war. Iran’s attack on Israel, an immense bombardment that included hundreds of … Read more

Israel weighs response to Iran attack: live updates from Middle East | ET REALITY

[ad_1] For people in eastern Ukraine, where nightly Russian drone strikes overwhelm overwhelmed army air defenses, the response by Western allies to Iran’s airstrike on Israel this weekend produced uncomfortable comparisons. The armies of the United States, Britain, France and others intervened to help Israel defend itself against an attack by more than 300 Iranian … Read more

Israel’s decisions on response to Iran attack carry risks | ET REALITY

[ad_1] “Israel has the apparent legitimacy to attack Iran,” said Yaakov Amidror, a former major general and national security adviser in Israel who now works at the conservative Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security. “The other option is to say, we achieved what we wanted by eliminating the Al Quds Force commanders in Damascus, the … Read more

With the nuclear deal dead, containing Iran becomes more complicated | ET REALITY

[ad_1] When Iran agreed to a deal in 2015 that would require it to hand over 97 percent of the uranium it could use to make nuclear bombs, Russia and China worked together with the United States and Europe to achieve the pact. The Russians even seized Iran’s nuclear fuel, for a hefty fee, prompting … Read more

Israel faces pressure to respond to Iran: Live Middle East updates | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Moments after Israel and its allies shot down a volley of Iranian missiles and drones this weekend, many began to wonder what the latest exchange between Israel and Iran would mean for the war in the Gaza Strip. The Iranian attack was retaliation for what was widely believed to be an Israeli attack this … Read more

A 7-year-old girl is the only serious victim of the Iran bombing | ET REALITY

[ad_1] The hospital waiting room was quiet on Sunday: there was no crowd of relatives or a rush of patients. Israel’s air defenses had just fended off a large-scale Iranian attack and only one serious casualty was recorded. But there was no sense that a crisis had been averted outside the pediatric intensive care unit … Read more

Monday briefing: Israel weighs response to Iran | ET REALITY

[ad_1] Israel weighs response to Iran Calm prevailed in Israel yesterday after Iran fired more than 300 missiles and drones at the country overnight. Almost all were intercepted, Israeli military officials said, and those that hit caused only minor damage. Here are the latest updates and here’s a summary of what we know. Iran’s long-awaited … Read more

The attack on Iran tests Netanyahu’s political permanence | ET REALITY

[ad_1] In a deeply divided Israel, even the dramatic scene over the country’s skies on Sunday is open to political interpretation. For supporters of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s display of defensive technology against an Iranian salvo that included hundreds of drones and missiles proves that Netanyahu has long been right to warn about the … Read more

Iran attacks bring to light a long shadow war with Israel | ET REALITY

[ad_1] For decades, Israel and Iran have waged a shadow war across the Middle East, trading attacks on land, sea, air and cyberspace. The bombardment of drones and missiles that Iran launched against Israel on Saturday – although almost all were shot down or intercepted – marked a milestone in the conflict. It was the … Read more