Texas Rangers defeat Houston 5-4 and take a 2-0 lead in the American League Championship Series | ET REALITY


Aroldis Chapman got one out on a pitch against Alex Bregman in the bottom of the eighth inning. It’s easy to put too much weight on momentum, substituting actual analysis for your own confirmation bias, but that seemed like a big problem. You’re used to watching Chapman throw millions of pitches as the bases load and he perseveres or collapses. A one-pitch out? Is that even allowed?

Chapman then battled a three-ball count to Kyle Tucker, making a perfect corner pitch to get the third strike and getting a manageable grounder for the second out. More momentum. Can Chapman be stopped?

Yordan Alvarez then hit one to the moon, sending Chapman out of the game. The chaos continues with the eternally mercurial Rangers reliever, don’t worry.

With the Astros within one run, Bruce Bochy turned to José Leclerc, hoping for a four-out save.

Instead, he got drama. Leclerc walked José Abreu, then walked Michael Brantley on four pitches. At one point, he had thrown nine balls in a row.

Impulse? I know what you think it means, son. For me it’s just a made up word. The word of a writer, so that guys like me can touch a keyboard and have a job.

Chas McCormick grounded out three pitches later, ending the threat. Josh Jung juggled the ball on his way to third base, which was incredibly close to being the bad play of the postseason. He’s still 5-4 in the ninth.

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