UAW leader says he sees ‘no point’ in meeting with Trump | ET REALITY


The head of the United Automobile Workers union ruled out meeting former President Donald J. Trump, the 2024 Republican front-runner, when he visits Michigan on Wednesday, portraying him as an out-of-touch billionaire who has been hostile toward industry workers. , who are currently on strike.

When Shawn Fain, the president of the UAW, was asked by CNN in an interview Asked Tuesday if he would be open to such a hearing with Trump, he said there was no silver lining.

“I don’t see any point in meeting him because I don’t think he cares at all about what our workers represent, what the working class represents,” Mr. Fain said. “He serves a billionaire class, and that’s what’s wrong with this country.”

His comments came just hours after President Biden, at Mr. Fain’s invitation, joined a picket outside a General Motors facility in Belleville, Michigan, near Detroit.

The Trump campaign did not address Fain’s specific criticism on Wednesday, but maintained that rank-and-file union members did not uniformly share his views.

“The reality is that there is a disconnect between the political leadership of some unions and the middle-class employees they claim to represent,” said Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung. “President Trump will be in Michigan talking to union workers and ensuring American jobs are protected.”

Fain stopped short of endorsing Biden’s re-election bid, but he had harsh words for Trump and his planned speech at a non-union plant in Macomb County, Michigan.

“I find it a pathetic irony that the former president is going to hold a rally for union members at a non-union company,” Fain said.

Fain said Trump had blamed UAW members and their contracts for automakers’ problems during the 2008 recession. As a presidential candidate in 2015, he added, Trump supported moving manufacturing jobs out of the Midwest, with fewer protections for unionized workers. Fain also questioned why the former president did not show solidarity with General Motors workers in 2019, while Trump was in office, when they went on strike for 60 days.

“I didn’t see him hold a rally,” Fain said. “I didn’t see him stand on the picket line, and I’m sure I didn’t hear him comment on it. He was missing in action.”

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