The United States sends 1.1 million ammunition seized from Iran to Ukraine | ET REALITY


The US military’s Central Command said in a declaration on Wednesday that earlier this week it had transferred about 1.1 million AK-47 machine gun cartridges confiscated from Iran to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Allied naval forces seized ammunition in December, according to the statement, from a “stateless dhow” – essentially an unregistered wind-powered ship – sailing towards Yemen. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was sending ammunition to Houthi rebels in Yemen in violation of a United Nations Security Council resolution prohibiting such transfers, according to the statement.

The U.S. government took possession of the munitions in July through a Justice Department civil forfeiture lawsuit against Iran, and U.S. officials began seeking a legal avenue to transfer the munitions to Ukraine.

A Defense Department official said Wednesday that U.S. officials were making final legal arrangements to ship other seized Iranian weapons destined for Yemen, including AK-47 assault rifles, to Ukraine.

Iranian munitions will help meet Ukraine’s battlefield needs, providing several days’ worth of ammunition for approximately 2,000 machine guns. However, the transfers will not address Kiev’s most critical shortages – artillery ammunition and air defense missiles – as a tumultuous Congress debates whether to approve the Biden administration’s request for $24 billion in additional aid to Ukraine.

Western countries are having trouble getting enough supplies to meet their arms commitments to Ukraine, particularly artillery ammunition, and are depleting their own stocks faster than they can replenish them. Military industries shrank after the Cold War and have struggled to restructure and find adequate supplies of materials to increase production to full capacity, and even that is not enough.

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