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Here are the meanings of the 10 most difficult words that have also been used in Times articles.

1. bijou — a trinket or decorative item:

Growing up, she spent a lot of time with her father’s sisters, in “very Proustian” homes, learning to share her aunts’ love for the neoclassical furniture of the Empire in bijou-Rooms arranged. In Connecticut, a house that blurs the boundaries of time and place (September 30, 2020)

2. tantara — the sound of a horn or trumpet:

But the day was not yet full of wonder, because before Zelikman could respond there were screams from behind and then crashes. tantara of an inhuman horn. Lords of the Road (April 1, 2007)

3. crown — a band or ring:

the stones are crown set: The metal surrounds the stone and craftsmen “would pinch it like you pinch pie crust around the corners,” Moross said. She believes the ring was made in London between 1800 and 1835. Names of bold faces with big engagement rings (May 13, 2019)

4. roller skate — a sock or short boot, especially for a baby:

For a more subtle and classic vibe, opt for a stylized leather. roller skate with a pointed toe and a small heel (the blockier the heel, the easier it will be to walk). What are the best Forever boots? (November 7, 2022)

5. pretty — a fish related to tuna; Skipjack tuna is called bonito in Japan:

A package of latkes cooked at another friend’s apartment in Berkeley, topped with pretty flakes and Kewpie mayonnaise, which we called okonomiyaki. The only thing they shared was the name and the feeling. Everything was okonomiyaki. Everything very much in itself. A Japanese pancake that wastes nothing and saves everything (October 4, 2023)

6. branch — extend or extend:

It still sources them primarily in Nigeria, but is building its circuits in Ghana; small local differences in products and tastes could branch through his artwork in new colors and patterns. The Anatsui builds monumental art from everyday life (October 9, 2023)

7. play the flute – honking softly or wandering around:

Hoffman was known for play the flute in a pink Cadillac driven by a fellow nonagenarian. While her son fished for bass on the Wakulla River, Mrs. Hoffman rowed her boat. She hauled gallon jugs of water for the pine trees she had planted. Katherine Hoffman, “eternal” figure of the state of Florida, dies at 105 (July 29, 2020)

8. oleic — a type of fatty acid:

It comes from cocoa butter and is made with equal parts of oleic acid, a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil and stearic and palmitic acids. Is the saturated fat in chocolate as bad as the fat in meat? (April 5, 2019)

9. rial — the currency of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar:

Much has been said and written in recent days and years about the slow improvements made for migrant workers in Qatar. Since 2021, the country has a minimum wage of 1,000 Qataris rials per month, about 275 dollars, regardless of the job position or the nationality of the worker. In an Asian city, some of the workers who built the World Cup gather to watch it (November 20, 2022)

10. betel — Southeast Asian plant whose leaves are used for chewing and cooking:

The couple served Indian-inspired drinks that incorporated cardamom and betel leaves and were named after Mariah Carey songs. Not your parents’ South Asian weddings (October 5, 2023)

The list of the easiest words of the week:

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