Questioned about political views at City Hall event, Haley doesn’t budge | ET REALITY


Nikki Haley was repeatedly questioned for political views that deviate from her more conservative rivals during an hour-long event on Fox News on Monday, but she stood her ground, calling Donald J. Trump an agent of chaos and Ron DeSantis a liar. .

With a week until the Iowa caucuses, Haley has a lot of ground to make up against the favorite and former president, Trump, but a second place finish ahead of DeSantis, the governor of Florida, could propel her towards New Hampshire, which will host the first primaries of 2024.

Haley has consistently attacked DeSantis, but on Monday night she also attacked Trump, saying he “escaped” America’s international alliances, lied about his record and caused turmoil in his presidency. .

“Chaos follows you and we cannot be a country in disorder,” he told a live audience in Des Moines that greeted the blow with applause.

Haley fielded pointed questions from Iowans and Fox News hosts about her promise to negotiate a compromise on abortion, bolster U.S. support for Ukraine and raise the retirement age to prevent Social Security insolvency and Medicare. All of these positions break with her two main rivals.

On abortion, he repeated his point that any national rule on pregnancy termination would need to pass a 60-vote threshold in the Senate. She criticized Mr. Trump and Mr. DeSantis on the issue, joking: “Guys just don’t know how to talk about it.”

On Social Security and Medicare, he maintained what used to be the standard Republican position before Trump’s rise: that those retiring or close to retiring would get their full benefits, but that benefits should be reduced for younger workers. and the rich. .

And he remained steadfast in an internationalist approach to foreign policy, despite the rising tide of isolationism in his party. “You have to be a friend to get a friend,” he said.

Ms. Haley also responded to an ad campaign by a Trump super PAC in New Hampshire that has been attacking her as “too weak” and “too liberal” on illegal immigration, pointing to her approval of some of the immigration laws. strictest in the country. during her tenure as governor of South Carolina.

“Look, just because President Trump says something doesn’t mean it’s true,” he said. He also said, “I appreciate all the attention President Trump is giving me. He’s quite sweet and thoughtful of him. But he is lying about it.”

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign kept up the blitz aimed at slowing its momentum. As he spoke, the campaign sent out a flurry of emails, with titles like “Nikki Haley Revives Bush Amnesty Policies,” “Nikki Haley Loves China,” and “Nikki Haley Will Raise Her Taxes.”

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