Manchin says he won’t seek re-election, dealing blow to Democrats | ET REALITY


Progressive groups noted a long list of grievances with the West Virginia Democrat.

“Joe Manchin watered down the Democratic economic agenda, raised the cost of raising children and cut taxes on billionaires, and now he’s not even running for re-election,” said Adam Green, founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. “History and struggling West Virginians will not judge Joe Manchin well.”

But with his power to make or break legislation, Manchin was also known for helping negotiate deals that resulted in some of the biggest new laws during Biden’s presidency, often partnering with top Republicans, including Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. .

Those accomplishments included passage of the largest clean energy investment in American history, the largest bridge funding since the construction of the interstate highway system, the first bipartisan gun safety legislation in a generation, a massive on microchip production and scientific research to boost America. competitiveness with China, a major health care measure for veterans and an overhaul of the electoral system designed to prevent another Jan. 6-style attempt to overturn a presidential election.

Manchin played a central role in shaping Biden’s efforts to fight climate change.

With personal financial ties to the coal industry, Manchin never hid his distaste for policies to restrict fossil fuels: West Virginia ranks second in coal production and seventh in natural gas production among states, and was the top beneficiary of the Senate. of campaign donations from the oil and gas industry.

As chairman of the powerful Senate Energy Committee, Manchin forced the president to slash an ambitious social and climate spending agenda. However, he ultimately cast the crucial vote to ensure that the more modest legislation became law.

Their houseboat, called Almost Heaven, served as a bipartisan meeting place for senators.

“He’s a good senator, willing to work in a bipartisan manner,” Sen. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, told reporters at the Capitol. “And we need more people who will promote bipartisanship and not toe the party line.”

Coral Davenport and Reid J. Epstein contributed with reports.

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