Liberal Donor Group Targets New York, California House Seats in 2024 | ET REALITY


The Alliance for Democracy, a powerful network of major liberal donors, will prioritize regaining control of the House for Democrats next year by planning to pour funds into crucial races in New York and California.

According to a private memo distributed to its members, the group will help a coalition of labor and political organizations seeking to regain four seats in the state that Republicans lost last year and protect one that a Democrat narrowly held. A person familiar with the details who spoke on condition of anonymity said the group was planning to raise $10 million for that coalition, called Battleground New York.

“In 2024, the Alliance for Democracy is prioritizing the House,” wrote Pamela Shifman, the group’s president. “House elections in New York and California in 2022 cost us the House and showed why we cannot afford to take any state for granted.”

After a court-ordered redistricting process led to a series of close races, New York emerged as a surprising political battleground in the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans gained four seats in the state, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than two to one.

Given Republicans’ narrow nine-vote margin in the House, Alliance for Democracy donors see gains in New York and California (deep blue states) as a way to regain control of the chamber. Next year, in addition to focusing on the House elections, the group plans to support President Biden’s agenda by investing in key swing states and liberal organizations that focus on voting rights.

In total, the alliance’s donors plan to send tens of millions of dollars to Democratic and progressive groups working on the 2024 race. They have also been involved in broader attempts to stop third-party presidential bids, including those of the organization centrist No Labels, viewing such campaigns as a threat to Biden’s re-election chances. The organization’s leaders have urged its donors not to contribute to such efforts.

The Alliance for Democracy funnels money from mega-donors, whom the group keeps anonymous, to organizations it believes will advance a progressive agenda. Members of the organization pledge to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to recommended causes. Over the past two decades, the group has donated more than $1 billion to progressive organizations and campaigns at both the state and federal levels.

Before a private meeting with the network’s donors this weekend, Ms. Shifman also took a victory lap for the organization’s wins in this week’s elections. The organization invested heavily in an Ohio ballot measure that voters approved Tuesday to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. The alliance plans to continue focusing on abortion rights next year.

“Our partners on the ground in Ohio demonstrated that a well-resourced campaign can counter nefarious intentions and policy manipulation, affirming our strategy of going all-in on abortion in 2024,” Ms. Shifman wrote.

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