Crispy Chili Fettuccine with Spinach, Skillet Bibimbap, and Quick Chicken Fajitas


We’re not sure how we are already in mid-September, which speaks to how busy this time of year can be. The days are getting shorter, the afternoons have been devoted to homework, and if the displays at Michaels are any indication, the holidays are right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to familiarize yourself with what we’re calling the Weeknight 100, a list of 100 dinner ideas curated by Emily Weinstein. New York Times KitchenThe editor in chief. These easy, flexible dishes can be on the table in less than an hour and, most importantly, they are absolutely delicious. And many make smart use of pantry staples, like those from Genevieve Ko. Crispy Chili Alfredo Fettuccine with Spinach (above). Genevieve mixes crispy chili (either from your favorite jar or Homemade) in a buttery mixture of pasta and spinach for a quick meal that requires no snacking, just lots of slurping and munching happily with your eyes closed.

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Another 25-minute wonder is Kay Chun’s. coconut miso salmon currya five star recipe that is already one New York Times Kitchen reader favorite (check out those nearly 10,000 reviews). “One of the few recipes I look forward to making over and over again,” wrote Barrett, a reader. Another, Lilia, says she added broccoli and green beans for more vegetables. “Is it embarrassing to lick the bowl?”

Because much of weeknight cooking is based on using what you have, you’ll find bibimbap in pan in our Weeknight 100. Eric Kim’s recipe. is a brilliant exterior refrigerator cleaner, turning a stray sweet potato, a couple of kale leaves, two lone carrots, and that onion rolling around in the crisper drawer into a tasty, satisfying one-pan dinner. It is also a hit with children.

On the topic of recipes for kids, here are Ali Slagle’s recipes for crispy gnocchi with sausage and peas and Chicken fajitas. The first, with its creamy melted parmesan and plump, chewy gnocchi, has some cacio e pepe vibes (and if you have leftover heavy cream from the aforementioned crispy chili alfredo, go ahead and add some here in step 4). And chicken fajitas because, well, who doesn’t love chicken fajitas, especially when everything is covered in a chipotle-lime marinade and pan-roasted?

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