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As competitive as real estate can be, it is also collaborative. Every aspect of negotiating an agreement involves working together with others. But as much as it is already a fundamental principle of real estate, collaboration currently presents a unique new opportunity for real estate agents to evolve the way they work with their buyers and sellers.

Consumer expectations have changed dramatically in recent years. We learned to do everything digitally out of necessity; We have continued for convenience.

Now, with buyers fearful of mortgage rates and sellers fearful of going public, it makes sense that collaboration has become the name of the game: a way to show strength and inspire confidence in the face of sky-high expectations and unsettling circumstances. After all, everyone has a personal interest in the success of a real estate business, and a shared interest also contributes to the individual interests of each participant.

Something similar is seen in real estate technology.

Everyone has their own idea of ​​what real estate technology should be like, and at first, that was good. But what’s been missing lately is a critical step in the ideation process: looking beyond the trees, the individual problems that each solution solves, and instead seeing the forest, the concept of a complete solution that each solution solves. of individual problems combined.

Without that, you end up with a bunch of disconnected steps, and that quickly becomes overwhelming for agents and brokers.

If an agent wants to find software to help market their business, they have over 100 candidates, which means evaluating options, comparing features, and identifying exactly what they’ll need from that software in the long term. Brokers typically have 15 to 20 different pieces of software, and those pieces don’t always work together to make things easier.

It’s time for technology providers to take a page from the book of the people they serve.

We are taking that page.

In lonely wolf, we don’t just want to create software – our mission is to simplify real estate for everyone. After almost 35 years in this business, we know that if we are going to create real solutions, solutions that solve problems without duplicating or skipping steps, it cannot be an individual effort.

Over the past few years, we have been collaborating with dozens of leading real estate technology providers to bring together all the separate pieces of improved and evolved software.

It started with the Lone Wolf Marketplace, which brought essential connections to Lone Wolf Transactions: rental reviews, disclosures, home warranty, title insurance, digital escrows, and more.

It’s the most logical place to start. A transaction is the crux of real estate, the point of convergence, where everyone involved comes together for a collective goal. Improving the experience there would have a ripple effect throughout the industry, not just for brokers and agents, but also for the buyers and sellers who work with them.

But the collaboration does not end there.

Over the past few months, we’ve been excited to collaborate with leading technology providers, the most important to real estate, so we can bring together our secure, reliable software and give agents an easier way to win and close clients now. , when I need it most.

Listings + advertising

With our new partnership with CoreLogicWe’ve brought together the legendary Matrix listing management solution, trusted by over a million agents for over 4 million home transactions annually, with the intelligent digital advertising power of Boost, which generates over a million real estate ad impressions every day.

This way, agents can list and advertise everything in one place, in one step, all the places where their potential clients already spend their time, and benefit from click-through rates of up to 8.8%, all so they can attract the right prospects and customers. and fill your portfolio, even in current market conditions.

Lead and Listing Presentations

We recently announced an integration to connect real estate‘s Listing Toolkit with Lone Wolf’s Cloud CMA, the best real estate software for comparative market analysis reports. Listing Toolkit is a collaborative platform built to help agents earn and sell their listings, all in one place, helping them get ahead in today’s incredibly competitive market by identifying potential buyers based on budgets, preferences, and more.

With this collaboration, agents can access exclusive new buyer reporting from the Listing Toolkit in Cloud CMA, which unlocks specific, relevant and timely information on matched buyers, buyer demand and more – vital details that inspire customer confidence and can make the difference. difference between winning and losing. the list.

Transactions + everything else

For a while now, we’ve been working on bringing all the essentials and a few extras to Lone Wolf Transactions through the Lone Wolf Marketplace and its library of integrations. This way, users can manage key steps of their transactions in one central place, from escrow deposits to disclosures, moving services, rental appraisals, and even home warranty.

However, this massive collaboration is far from over and continues to expand to include new partners and new tools, so we can all come together to make the entire process of homeownership as simple as possible.

All this to say that the future is connected.

The real estate sector is facing a lot of uncertainty right now. But collaboration is the way forward: a way to transform the way agents and brokers work and the experience their clients receive. A way to build, strengthen and solidify your businesses, even with rising expectations and uncertain conditions.

And we will all do it together, every step of the way.

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