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One of Joe Biden’s key allies in Congress has rejected the idea that Republicans could goad the president’s fellow Democrats into accepting an impeachment inquiry as a chance for him to be cleared of questions about his business affairs. son.

“What the American people want is for us to fund the government and solve their problems,” said California Congressman Ro Khanna in fox news sundayin reference to how some far-right Republicans have made an impeachment inquiry into Biden a condition of supporting new funding that would prevent at least a partial shutdown of the federal government after September 30.

Khanna, a prominent progressive who sits on the U.S. House oversight committee and is a member of the advisory board on Biden’s reelection, added: “There are no grounds for an impeachment inquiry, and that’s why that” Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy lacks votes. It is necessary to have already called one.

Khanna’s comments to the Republican-friendly news show came after host Maria Bartiromo suggested that agreeing to impeach Biden could give the president a chance to prove, once and for all, that corruption allegations stemming from of his son Hunter’s foreign businesses. They are unfounded.

Bartiromo said Republican Congressman Scott Perry, a member of Khanna’s House oversight committee, had previously presented a similar line of argument in support of Biden’s impeachment. And Bartiromo also alluded to a Fox News poll that showed a percentage of voters believed Biden had done something unethical, if not illegal, when it came to Hunter’s business dealings.

But Khanna responded by pointing the finger at Bartiromo and his viewers. a Washington Post op-ed by Republican member of the Colorado House of Representatives, Ken Buck, who stated that there was no evidence to justify impeachment of Biden.

Buck said that was his position even as he strongly condemned the Democratic-led impeachment of Biden’s Republican presidential predecessor, Donald Trump, in 2019. That impeachment concerned Trump’s attempts to find dirt on his political rivals, including Biden, in relation to politics and business. in Ukraine.

It was independent of Trump’s second impeachment trial stemming from the violent attack by his supporters on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 following his electoral loss to Biden. Both impeachments resulted in Trump’s acquittal.

Khanna said it was also telling that other Republicans have publicly shared Buck’s view that Biden’s impeachment would be, at best, a fruitless distraction. That reality stands in stark contrast to the generally united front that Democrats presented when they voted to impeach Trump, Khanna argued.

“I mean, when we impeached President Trump, all Democrats voted for it,” Khanna said, although two House members from his party opposed the 2019 impeachment. Republican House Speaker Khanna said that “he just doesn’t have the votes on his side,” and a substantial number of House Republicans have expressed a preference to focus on avoiding a government shutdown.

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“Financing the government; solve people’s problems,” those Republicans say, according to Khanna.

Bartiromo admitted that “there were definitely Republicans who said they don’t want to go down this path” of impeaching Biden.

As ultraconservative rhetoric swirled about Biden’s impeachment, the president’s son was indicted Thursday on federal firearms charges that can carry up to 25 years in prison. The charges were filed against Hunter Biden after the collapse in August of a plea deal that also involved two separate misdemeanor tax charges.

Since last year’s midterm elections, Republicans have held only a slim majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, which has the power to draft articles of impeachment. Democrats have a slim majority in the Senate, where two-thirds of members need to vote to convict – and therefore remove from office – an indicted official.

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