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Retiring in the Grand Canyon State is not new for many retirees. Arizona witnessed 840,000 retirees over 60 years of age in recent years. Despite trailing Florida in terms of relocation attractiveness, Arizona is considered one of the most popular retirement destinations in recent years. But new data shows it might not be as ideal as everyone thought, with two Arizona cities among the 10 worst cities for retirement.

DEEPER DIVING: Three Arizona cities rank among the best places to stretch your retirement dollars

Our Consumer Affairs Team classified Lake Havasu City, AZ as No. 1 and Flagstaff, AZ as the 6 Worst Cities for Retirement in the US in 2023. Lake Havasu City Ranks Last Due to Cost of Living, Senior Preventative Services 65 years old, access to parks and access to healthy foods. and the weather.

Take a look at the top 10 cities for retirement:

How do we find this data?

We collect data from multiple sources, including the US Census Bureau, the FBI, and NYU Langone’s City Health Dashboard. We made each metric positive or negative and gave each city a score out of 10 for each metric, then combined the scores for these metrics to create a retirement score.

We analyze the main metropolitan statistical areas; If a city is excluded, it is due to lack of reporting on crucial metrics we use for our report. See our methodology for more information.

Where is the rest of Arizona located?

Link to full article: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/finance/best-and-worst-states-for-retirement.html

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